Council approves $100 million development for former Lincoln Park site

The City Council has approved a $100 million proposal by developer Vierra Construction + Development to redevelop the former site of the Lincoln Park housing development on LaSalle Avenue. The new development, called Olde Hampton Village, will contain about 500 housing units, divided among for-sale townhouses, apartments, and  age-restricted apartments for seniors.

City Council approved the proposal at its legislative meeting on Wednesday night.

The mixed-use development will include a park, a dog park, a clubhouse with pool and fitness center, and light commercial uses that could include a childcare facility, hair salon, and coffee shop.

The area is just outside the downtown Master Plan area but generally will follow many of the design guidelines for downtown. A bike share program further connects residents who might work downtown.

Much of the site was once a Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority housing project that was too old to rehabilitate. To further the authority’s goal of not creating concentrations of poverty, residents were provided with housing vouchers. The developer is also acquiring privately own land connected to the main property.

In anticipation of the reuse of the site, residents and other community members helped develop a concept of what they wanted to see on the site.

The housing authority has approved the sale of the land. The Planning Commission last month voted to recommend the project.

About Vierra Construction + Development, Inc.

Vierra Construction + Development is a nationally recognized, veteran and minority owned development, design-build general contracting company with an integrated security and fire technology solutions division (ASI Security). Vierra Construction + Development provides development, design, engineering, installation, construction management, service, and monitoring solutions to our clients with a professional turn-key solution. Vierra Construction + Development serves government, commercial, and residential clients throughout the United States.

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